Protein Supplement was first published on 17th September 1997. It was sent to 14 people by Will Rowe, the Founder of Protein. There weren’t many people covering community and culture in an accessible way back then (especially in the UK), so it grew rapidly. As you’ll see in the some of the early issues, it was designed for plain text email readers, which has now come full circle 25 years later.

Substack feels like a good place to keep the archive, so we’ll be updating it as/when we get time. However, PLEASE NOTE most of the links in the old issues unfortunately don’t work, as we’ve moved platforms more times that we care to remember … but it’s still fun to read what was going on the world back then 🤙

If anyone has any issues from before #160, please do send them over, as we’d love to see them — and if you want to find out more about what Protein is up to now, make sure you’re following our Twitter and Insta.

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